Stop This Birthday

written by Rowan Cutler

illustrations by Elizabeth McClellan













“I wish it was my birthday this minute, because I want this book for my birthday!”

- Julliette Birkner, 6 years old


Fall 2005

Chronicle Books



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A vibrantly illustrated post-millennial fairy tale!

Seven-year old Zephyr is able to realize every kid's dream: a birthday that never ends! With the help of the Birthday Fairie, Zephyr wishes for more birthdays a minute than she can handle. Accompanied by her faithful kitty, the spunky Zephyr jumps right into the birthday madness and arrives on the other side with a profound taste for simplicity.

Rowan Cutler grew up in a Haunted House in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Moving to San Francisco in 1990, Rowan developed a film-making class for kids, teaching in more than 10 private schools and arts programs throughout the city. A professional psychic, he has worked as a tarot card reader and astrologer. In 1999, Rowan co-wrote and co-directed “Piki & Poko Adventures in StarLand,” an anime inspired Flash serial cartoon for  Mondomedia in San Francisco.

Elizabeth McClellan received her BFA from the University of California at Davis. She has worked as a wool spinner and a sign painter and has designed puppets for Cirque De Soleil. As an “Etch A Sketch” artist, her work has been covered by USA Today and is on exhibit in the Etch A Sketch offices in Bryan, Ohio.  Elizabeth has been a featured artist in the Oakland Museum, The Berkshire Museum, and The Palo Alto Art Center. She is in her 10th year as Head Art Teacher at Children's Day School in San Francisco.






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