Pass the Celery, Ellery!

by Gaga and Friends

Illustrations by Jeffrey Fisher*






"One part abecedary, one part dinner table diversion, one part eye candy, this recipe adds up to one fun book."

                 -Publisher's Weekly


Fall 2000

Stewart, Tabori & Chang



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Gaga claimed that her children played "Celery" often and with great hysteria growing up. None of them actually remember this, but they all play now -- as obsessively (and obnoxiously) as she says they did then. Gaga spent much of her last year, along with her Friends, crafting these rhymes, in hopes that her daughter, Caroline Herter, would someday make this book.


Celery, Ellery! is illustrated by the award-winning artist, Jeffrey Fisher. Fisher's work has appeared in numerous books, magazines, calendars, and album covers. He has a successful line of stationery with Chronicle Books. He lives in France with his family. Jeffrey Fisher is represented by Riley Illustration (



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