National Geographic Fashion

by Cathy Newman






Peter Essick


The Tesla Studios


George Gerster


Eliza R. Scidmore





















"The book Fashion proves again what happiness clothes give us, and that from the beginning of time we have dressed differently to show our inner selves to the outer world. This is a fascinating read and a gorgeous vision."

-Arnold Scaasi


Fall 2001

National Geographic Society



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So what is fashion anyway? Here is a highly original, cross-cultural celebration of the many ways of adornment, from the extraordinary 100 year collection of the National Geographic Society.


Conceived and art-directed by HERTER STUDIO for National Geographic, Fashion was the subject of a major outdoor exhibition in Bryant Park during  Fashion Week 2001. To celebrate the opening of the exhibit -- and the week -- Saks  sponsored a party for 5000 people at its Fifth Avenue store.


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