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"It's About Time is a comforting companion to any young woman navigating a world often filled with contradictory, negative and constricting messages about being female."

-Judy Norsigan co-author,

Ourbodies, Ourselves for the New Century



Ten Speed Press



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Girlsource launched in 1998 as a non-profit organization to address the lack of meaningful work and leadership opportunities for low-income young women. Through their paid programs, young women learn life, leadership, and job skills while creating media projects based on their own life experiences.


GIRLSOURCE is the first health book created by and for young women  that responds to urban young women's critical life questions. Developed by an editorial team of young women ages 14 to 18, It's About Time! offers straightforward answers to young women's most pressing questions by combining real world experience with well-researched information. Proving that young women's well being depends on a lot more than conversations about weight loss, clean skin, and hair products, GIRLSOURCE answers questions such as: How can I deal with stress? What are the effects of drugs? What's it like to be a young mother? What is discrimination? and How do I find a job I'll like?

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