The Dictionary of Love

by John Stark










Valentine's Day 2008




Aah \íš\ n  a vocal sound that follows orgasm. Var. ahhhhhhhhhhh

And so begins the naughtiest, funniest, most erotic new title on your reference shelf. Canít remember the exact definition of act of desperation? [n. need-filled cry for attention that invokes a hastily enacted action that one later regrets.] Wondering about the age of consent in South Carolina? [14 for males, 16 for females] Is there really such a thing as afterplay? [n. 1: the act of remaining united after intercourse for a period of time in order to increase feelings of intimacy. 2: obs smoking a cigarette] You can spend all afternoon on the Aís alone.

 From aphrodisiacs to Ursula Andress, from alpha male to zircon, The Dictionary of Love covers nearly every romantic topic on earth with over 350-pages of entries culled from love songs, Tantric sex manuals, law books, medical and psychology texts, herbal and aphrodisiacal books, Broadway show tunes, cookbooks, Tarot cards, the Kama Sutra, and slang. An indispensable tool for anyone who is composing a love sonnet, breaking up over email, writing a romance novel, planning a romantic getaway, or just looking for something juicy to whisper in their loverís ear, The Dictionary of Love is a first-of-itís-kind compendium of all things amorous.










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