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You Can Do It!


Fall 2005

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The vision of Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, You Can Do It! was begun by Lauren before her death on United flight 93 on September 11. Her idea was to empower every woman who's ever said "I wish I could..." to go out and do it. Whether "it" is learning to tango or getting her finances in shape, this workbook will help readers chart their journey. It features practical exercises for identifying long-lost ambitions and breaking through obstacles, as well as encouraging quotes from successful women. Plenty of lined pages provide a welcoming space on which to ponder the possibilities and record progress. An address section and roomy pockets help collect important information. As encouraging as it is practical, the You Can Do It! Workbook is the perfect companion to the original book.

The workbook includes:
- Space to create want-to-do lists
- Ample journal pages to record the journey toward fulfilling dreams
- Guided exercises to help you identify your passions
- Targeted advice for overcoming obstacles
- Hundreds of ideas for new activities

With roomy pockets for brochures, cards, and clippings, and a contacts section for support networks, this creative journal holds dreams close in hand.







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