creative development and packaging


HERTER STUDIO LLC collaborates with writers, artists, photographers, illustrators, and designers in the development and representation of individual projects and branded programs. We oversee the conceptualization, production, delivery, and sale of proposals, electronic mechanicals, or finished books and gift product as needed.


The studio also invents and produces its own book and gift ideas, which are sold through a variety of publishers, both here and abroad.


HERTER STUDIO delivers the following services to publishing and non-publishing clients alike, in addition to representation for the same. While packaging for publishers and proprietary customers is generally done on a fee and/or per unit basis, it is rare that the studio would collaborate with (or approach) an author to shape, sell, and produce an idea through electronic mechanicals or finished books without shared ownership. That being said, all of the services listed below are available in whole or in part to individuals, companies, organizations, or agencies.

We understand that every situation is unique. 






For individual projects and whole programs, we deliver sales presentations, edited manuscript and camera-ready art, electronic mechanicals, or finished books as needed. Phased deliverables include:


Editorial and Visual Concepts

Creative Brief

Prototypes and Pricing

Suggested Players

Complete Financials, including detailed expense budget, and profit and loss projections

Proposal and Presentation Development

Sales and Marketing Strategy


Project Management, including hiring and supervision of sub-contractors


Design and Art Direction

Production and Delivery

Ongoing Sales, Marketing, and Reprint Supervision



Note: When HERTER STUDIO acts as a packaging partner, we share copyright, assume full contractual liability, hire and manage sub-contractors, oversee the budget, and function as the primary point of contact with the publisher from start to finish.  







Working with a team of experts in key areas, HERTER STUDIO delivers the following for web and magazine ventures inspired by publishing brands:


Editorial and Visual Concepts

Creative Briefs

Site Architecture and Design

Content Generation

Investment Prototypes

Business Plans

Suggested Players


Ongoing Creative and Marketing Consultation






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