HERTER STUDIO LLC prefers to represent clients as part of a larger process of conceptualizing and developing book and ancillary gift programs. We work in a variety of ways, under a variety of commission structures, depending on our level of involvement in the conceptualization, development, and sale of the project.

[For illustrated or design-intensive books and gifts, please see Creative Development  and Packaging for additional services.]



Caroline Herter , the studio’s founder, “grew up” in the business with many of the people who are currently running the country’s top houses. She has special expertise in the area of illustrated and gift publishing, and is one of the few people in the business who has worked across the full range of the publishing spectrum. With 25 years of experience as a book retailer, sales rep, marketer, acquiring editor and publisher, she understands what works (and how it works) both in-house and in-store; and is a better agent for it. 


The studio works with a team of high-level licensing, entertainment, and branding contacts to help shape strategy and co-represent the project/program into specialized areas.**  Included in this group are the former principal of one of the most innovative branding agencies in New York, the former creative director of licensing at Paramount, the former director of licensing at Lucas Films, Ltd., the former head of communities at Excite, and the former head of technology at Credit Suisse/First Boston --- all of whom now operate independently and are part of the core network of the studio.


We represent the following rights:


Book (print, audio, and electronic)



**Foreign Language

Ancillary Gift and Stationery

**Licensed Merchandise

**Film and Television









With regard to representation, we take on what we like and think we can sell, in that order. Very selectively. We are looking for smart, imaginative, unique, interesting, quirky projects -- or all of the above --- that have real potential in the marketplace (or that we love so much we just can't help ourselves...) No commercial projects without heart and class. Traditional fiction, no.  Graphic novels, perhaps.


Not everything we represent is shown here, so don't rule us out with regard to real books with real words, but...please take time to research your competition, review the site carefully, and complete these steps before sending  something our way:


1)  Read "Publishing Strategy" under Consulting services.


This describes the scope of services covered by representation. We offer an initial "publishing strategy" package that covers Opportunity Assessment, Concept and Proposal Development, and Submission Strategy. This is the easiest and fastest way to find out whether you have something worth selling, and how to get it there. If at any point during that process, we agree that Herter Studio will package the project, the consulting structure will cease and a portion of fees paid to date will be credited against our participation in future earnings.


2)  Send us a query letter, describing your idea as concisely as possible, to


Please include:  a description of the market for your book, author and contributor credentials and connections, significant sales and marketing opportunities, and tentative specifications (size, approximate page count, illustrations and their source). Please thoroughly research the competition (which includes books and other media as well as on line resources which compete for reader's attention) before contacting us. We also strongly  recommend that you read  78 Reasons Why Your Book Will Never Be Published and 14 Reasons Why It Just Might by Pat Walsh and the proposal description in Susan Page's Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book. (When in doubt, read pages 138-140 in Pat Walsh's book and then
send us a short project description.)


Please do NOT send us anything by mail until you have done this.


 3)  We will contact you as soon as we have had a chance to review your materials, to let you know if we can help you and if so, in what capacity.


NOTE: When and if we give you the heads up to send us something, please do not send us originals, for which we cannot be responsible, and please do  include a fed ex number or SAS Mailer : we cannot return your materials without it.









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