by Wendy Burton






Fall 2004

Harmony Books



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Like Amelia Earhart,

I will strap on my aviatorís cap

and fly willingly into the unknown.


JOY IS A PLUM-COLORED ACROBAT challenges all assumptions concerning how a person is supposed to behave when they have a serious illness.  Soon after Wendy Burton's diagnosis and surgery in Fall 2002, a gifted nurse practitioner at Vassar Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, New York, introduced her to a technique involving relaxation and guided imagery. It wasn't long before the suggested images gave way to the unique and oddly joyous adventures of her own imagination. These daily visualization sessions became the life-affirming focus of her experience with cancer.


JOY IS A PLUM-COLORED ACROBAT offers 46 visualizations for radiation, chemotherapy, and life-after-treatment. Burton inspires and gently cajoles, showing the reader it is possible to metaphorically tap dance onto the treatment table and celebrate the process of becoming healthy.  For anyone dealing with illness and great personal challenge, JOY IS A PLUM-COLORED ACROBAT demonstrates that we can, in earnest, choose to be explorers rather than victims, in whatever difficult situations we face.  With humor and imagination, we can access deep wells of inventiveness and comfort within us.  



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