Pat the Politician

A political pull and poke parody

created by The Imagineering Company











The Imagineering Company

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Have you ever wanted to really reach out and touch or pull or poke or grope or even scratch ‘n sniff a politician?


Well, now’s your chance.

PAT THE POLITICIAN, a political touch and feel book, is a hilarious, political parody of Pat the Bunny, one of the best-selling children’s books of all time. Like the original, you’ll find Paul and Judy on the pages of PAT THE POLITICIAN. But now they’re all grown up and of voting age and eager to interact with the likes of Bill and Barbara, George and George, Ronald and Arnold, and more.


It’s politics as unusual.

Whatever your political bent, PAT THE POLITICIAN is the most politically-active, politically-absurd treatise on the nation’s political leaders. Give it to a friend or foe. Take it to the polling booth—please. Or store it next to the Bill of Rights. No matter who reads it, PAT THE POLITICIAN is bound to be the “feel good” political book of the year.


Finally, you can:

Look inside George W. Bush’s head

Touch Bill Clinton’s briefs

Pull Barbara Bush’s hair

Grope Arnold Schwarzenegger's biceps

Pulls Richard Nixon’s nose

Feel Al Gore’s wooden personality

See what's inside Teddy Kennedy's cheeks

Read George H. W. Bush’s lips

Know what Hillary Clinton is really thinking

Play hide n’ seek with Dick Cheney

Try to stick a scandal onto Ronald Reagan's Teflon presidency


Julie Marcus and Susan Carp are founders of The Imagineering Company, a small, creative advertising and marketing firm based in the overwhelmingly Democratic enclave of San Francisco. They have been working together since 1988. When they are not developing ad campaigns, authoring web sites or writing marketing collateral for their clients, they are busy creating highly successful products for themselves…and the world at large.



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