Cool Things to Do

with the Pictures You Love

by Laurie Frankel,

Caroline Herter,

and Laura Lovett













Fall 2005




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From innovative frames, murals, screens, and mobiles to lampshades, pillows, quilts, wallpaper, and stationery, PHOTOCRAFT features 50 simple, stylish, and affordable ideas for preserving, manipulating, and displaying your favorite photographs.

 Wouldn’t you like to live with your favorite images, rather than dig out those dusty old albums once a decade? Simple and inexpensive technologies now make this possible. PHOTOCRAFT is the first lifestyle/craft book devoted entirely to transforming photographic images into imaginative and stylish projects to enjoy at home or give as gifts.

Projects include:

Photo transfers

The Coolest Tissue Box

Photo Bracelets

Slide-Mount Pins

"We Love You" Bear

Festive Votives

Tile Coasters

"Antiquing" a New Photograph

Decouping Suitcase

Kids' Party Invitations

Holiday Gift Wrap

Note Cards

Family Photo Album

Create Your Own Brand

Accordion Frame

Pet Place Mats

Your Own Andy Warhol

Hand-Colored Photographs

Mirror Frame

Chair Rail Border

Metal Tins


Jewel Case Display

Silk Scarf

Painting with Photo Inset

Faux Tintype Jewelry

Flea Market Display

Growth Chart

Throw Pillow

Antique Shows Baby Quilt

Sylvia's Tote

Rearranged Photograph

The Emperor's Box

Kitchen Clock

Repurposed Window Frame

Tile-Topped Plant Stand

Vellum Lampshades

Hanging Mural

Folding Screen

Collage Under Glass

Shower Curtain





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