Why Arnold Matters

Anatomy of a Cultural Icon

by Michael Blitz and Louise Krasniewicz




Basic Books

Spring 2004


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WHY ARNOLD MATTERS explores how Arnold has shifted the American cultural and political landscape, how he got there, and why we should care.

After nearly thirty years in the public eye, Arnold Schwarzenegger's rise to fame, fortune, and statesmanship represents a celebrity the likes of which we've never seen before. Michael Blitz and Louise Krasniewicz argue in this humorous but heady book that it is more than Schwarzenegger's transformation from bodybuilder to megastar to politician, but that  "Arnoldness" has permeated every corner of our culture. More than a name, more than a spectacular career, he has become a set of ideas--an ultramodern take on the quintessential American dream.

Michael Blitz is a professor of English and Chair of Thematic Studies at John Jay College, CUNY. Louise Krasniewicz is a Research Associate and digital Media Producer at the School of American Research in Santa Fe. Their work on Arnold Schwarzenegger has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, the Houston Chronicle, and on CNN, NPR, and the BBC.



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